10 Things you Learn When you Move in Together

Hey lovelies! In February it’s going to be exactly 1 year since I moved in with Blake and his parents, so I thought I’d share a couple of things I’ve learnt about living with your significant other.

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1. It can make or break the relationship – Moving in together is a massive step and while it all seems fun and games at first, reality kicks in sooner or later. It starts off with ‘yay I get to see them whenever I want’ but then it’s like.. oh shit we actually live together, like, for real. It’s a learning process for the both of you, how you react to it determines the end result.

2. You get way more comfortable around each other. It gets easier to share things with them, and you find yourself not feeling to need to hide the ‘undesirable’ parts of yourself anymore.

3. Their sleep schedule is weird! When I lived back at home I was really late at getting into bed. I’m talking 2am, sometimes 4am bedtimes… Blake was the complete opposite so that took some getting used to for the both of us. Now I’m sleeping around 10 or 11 o’clock on a pretty regular basis.

4. You probably won’t pee alone ever again. It just doesn’t bug you anymore; whether they’re in the shower, brushing their teeth or just fancy a chat – they’ll be in the bathroom with you.

5. Time alone is hard to find – it’s not a bad thing to still want 5 minutes to yourself every now and again.

6. Silence is golden – there’s nothing quite like being able to sit in complete silence together without it being completely awkward.

7. The number of stupid inside jokes you share just keeps mounting up. No matter how stupid or pointless the joke, they never seem to get old; and yes, you do look weird laughing hysterically over them in public.

8. Your Netflix gets taken over with their favourite tv shows. You might start watching each other’s tv series’ too, so no more catching up on the latest episode of The Walking Dead until they get home from work!

9. You both realise how much crap you own. Literally, why do you have so many video games from 2001 that you don’t even play anymore? Why do I own so many unused but pretty notebooks?! Be prepared to get the bin bags ready.

10. Your home never feels the same again. No matter what the outcome, the four walls you live in are never the same after you move in with somebody. Every inch is filled with memories of that person and you’ll never truly forget them. Hold onto it, sometimes it doesn’t last forever.


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