Boohoo Christmas Gift Guide

Hello my lovelies! Today I’ve put together another Christmas gift guide for you, this time from Boohoo. How is your Blogmas going so far? Let me know in the comments below!

This one was pretty difficult since the gift section on the Boohoo website is a little scarce, but I think I managed to make it work!


Pub quiz cards– Everyone loves a good pub quiz, and with all the drinking that tends to happen around Christmas time this game is sure to be a hit!

Detox pamper pack – There’s always someone who gets way too worked up over buying gifts and organizing a fantastic roast dinner every year so why not treat them to a pamper pack? Give them some time to relax after all the hard work they’ve put in!

Satin pyjama set – I love a good pair of pj’s, but there’s nothing quite like a pair of satin pyjamas! The smooth material is just so comfy and perfect for lounging around on Christmas day.

Christmas pudding dog jumper – Let’s not forget our pets in the jumper tradition this year, okay?

Embroidered bag – Embroidery has been a big hit this season and I’m all for it, do you know somebody who loves it too? Think about this as a gift option for them this year.

Mood socks – So we’ve all heard of and owned mood rings as kids before, right? The one that lets you know if you’re sad or ‘thinking of someone special’… Well society has evolved and now we have mood socks! Let passers by know how you’re feeling everyday with this handy set.

Crap coffee mug – This statement truly speaks to me on another level. Like, seriously.

Reindeer hat – Keeping warm but still looking cute? This one’s a no-brainer guys…

I hope this post has given you some form of gift giving inspiration! Is there anything else you would’ve included on the list? Looking back on the Boohoo website, I regret not including a mermaid blanket because they look so cute and comfortable for the winter!

Thanks for reading,



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