Simple Winter Manicure

Hello my lovelies! It’s officially under the two week mark for the Christmas Eve countdown and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be working in the salon five days a week as usual (including Christmas Eve) and then I’ll have a relaxing ten days off work to visit family over the holidays. It’s not too far off now!

In the line of work I’m in, you’ve got to look presentable to your clients. If you can’t make yourself look at least half decent, how are they going to trust you to do a good job to their appearance? With that in mind, I need to keep my nails in good condition. Without my hands, I couldn’t do my job, and they’re constantly on show to clients. If I have grubby nails, they won’t want me touching their hair – would you?

I was looking forward to having a nice wintery nail art design to share with you today, but with all of the hair washing I do on a daily basis it just wouldn’t work. So I’ve stuck with a nice and simple, two colour manicure to share with you.

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Not too long ago, I opted to have acrylic nails put on to give my hands an instant makeover. but once they grew out, and dropped off, I was left with really thin and fragile natural nails. Although the length of them was longer, it didn’t last a week do to the damage (my thumb nail even has a dent along the middle now).

This inspired me to grow out my natural nails and have them be as strong as possible. A trip to Superdrug later and I came back with the Mani Mask. This is a conditioning nail protecting polish with a matte finish that conditions the nails and builds them up so that they feel healthier and stronger. I completely swear by this product, I layer it up about three or four times (if I’m wearing it without another polish) and it dries within seconds, while keeping the nails nourished. This particular shade is called ‘Birthday Suit’; a subtle nude pink.

I’ve heard a lot about the quick drying polish from Barry M and was somewhat of a skeptic, I will admit. However, I have been proven wrong. When applied in two thin coats, this polish dries incredibly quick and is a light grey shade called ‘Pit Stop’. It’s not a colour I usually would’ve gone for, which is why I decided to pick it up.

Not wanting to be too dull, I used a polish I already own to give my ring finger a pop of sparkle in the shade Silver Multi Glitter.

Now, I’ve never been a huge nail polish connoisseur, so I can hand on heart admit that I’ve never owned a top coat until now. I always love the sleek, shiny finish of an acrylic manicure so I wanted to emulate that myself as best I could, so I also bought the Wet Set quick drying top coat.

To get the nice clean finish to my nails, I used a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover to go over the areas of skin which got nail polish on them (due to my own terrible application).

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This is the finished product. By no means at all am I a professional of any kind, so yeah these are very amateur – but I enjoyed doing them and they’re a lot cheaper than they would’ve been if I paid to get them done. For everyday general use, I’ll take it. Hopefully with practice and time my application will improve.

While I would have absolutely loved to do some really lovely nail art, it’s not practical for me personally and also I couldn’t pull off half of the amazing designs I see online everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I liked venturing over to the beauty focused posts the past two days but not sure if I should make them a regular occurrence. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below.

With love,



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