Secret Santa Buys Edition 1

Hello lovelies! Today I’ll be sharing my purchases from my work’s secret santa. This will be the first edition of a two-part series as I’ll be participating in two different secret santa’s this year, as I mentioned in a previous post.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

I should probably mention beforehand that I am an absolutely terrible gift giver, especially when it comes to doing secret santa type things. In the salon I work at there are four different juniors, and I picked the youngest who is 16. Also, our price limit was £10.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

The first gift I bought was this Spaa Retreat mini escape & relax collection. This set consists of a bath foam, body scrub, and exfoliating sponge. I chose it as bath sets are always a safe option for Christmas presents.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Secondly, I picked up a collection of dark chocolate. Like I’ve said before, Christmas isn’t complete without chocolate!

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Lastly, I chose to buy a self heating chocolate orange face mask to complete the relaxing night in theme I had been going for with this.

In all honesty I really didn’t enjoy buying for this particular secret santa as I don’t have a whole lot in common with the person I was buying for. It gets a lot more difficult to buy for someone when you don’t really know them all that well! I tried my best either way so hopefully they’ll be pleased.

If you’ve participated in a secret santa this year then let me know what you bought, also keep an eye out for a secret santa gift ideas post in the near future!

With love,



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