“This Time Next Year…”

Hello lovelies! On the 14th day of Blogmas I was tagged by the fantastic Melissa to take part in the ‘this time next year’ tag and today is the day. Happy reading!

The rules for this tag are as follows:

1. Name the person who tagged you

2. Write your goals for next year

3. Write how you will achieve your goals

4. Tag 5 other bloggers

5. If you wish, revisit this post in a years time to see if you were succesful!

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This time next year I would like to…

Further my salon training – This year I started on my NVQ Level 1 course in hairdressing as an apprentice. By next year I would like to be on my Level 2 and working towards being on the shop floor full time. To work towards this I will exceed my weekly targets in the salon and show that this is something I want to be doing as a career.

Move out – I already moved out of my parents home in February this year, however I currently live with my boyfriend and his parents. By the time I go onto my Level 2 qualification I’ll be earning enough money for us to move into our own place by next December (or at least be planning it for 2018).

Grow my audience – My blogging journey began in November this year and since then my audience has grown considerably. Starting from nothing is always difficult, in any aspect of life, however I wake up everyday to notifications of new followers on wordpress so hopefully if I continue to do whatever it is I seem to be doing right, then my audience should grow a considerable amount in the next year!

Start saving – I’ve been trying to save money on and off for the past year or so and in all honesty, I don’t have a whole lot to show for it. As a compulsive spender, my money seems to go as quickly as it comes, so that’s something I would like to put a stop to in 2017.

Bloggers I’m tagging:

Officially basic

Natalie Charmaine

My Life Rambles

Rhiannon Jane

Just Having a Laugh

All of the bloggers I have tagged produce amazing content that I personally have a great time reading every week so definitely go and check them out if you get the chance.

Thank you so much for reading, I always enjoy doing these tag posts so I look forward to seeing if I get tagged in any more before Blogmas comes to an end.

Also don’t forget that you can add me on snapchat @blkcoffeebrkfst for regular updates on my general life, exclusive behind the blog content and other miscellaneous information including guest post spots and giveaways!

With love,



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