Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

Hello my lovelies! If you know me, you’ll probably be familiar with my terrible present wrapping skills.. At 18 years old I still haven’t mastered the art of folding paper, it’s embarrassing, I know. Most of my gift wrapping this year has been done by my incredibly skilled paper-folding boyfriend, Blake.

I’m here with some tips on how to make your presents look at least 10% less terrible this year.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset


1. Use the sellotape sparingly. I cannot stress this enough! You only need one small strip per section, trust me, a lot of bad wrapping is down to the tape being all over the place.

2. Only use as much paper as you’re going to need. You can’t expect the paper the fold neatly when you have four meters of the stuff flying all over the place!

3. This isn’t a tip on making them look nicer, but it is a helpful one. Label the gifts as you wrap! Don’t be like Blake, having to figure out whose present is whose in the massive pile he’s just wrapped up.

4. If your wrapping is generally just looking awful, stick a nice bow on it. A bow makes everything look at least a little bit better.

I hope all of the terrible present wrappers (like myself) have got a little bit of insight from this post, if not then I’m afraid I can no longer help you.

Good luck, and enjoy reading!

With love,



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