2017 Goals & Aspirations

2017 is finally upon us, and although we’re only four days in I feel as though it hasn’t even started. This is probably due to the time off I had over the Christmas holidays; it’s taking some time to adjust to reality once again.

I’m not usually one for new years resolutions, as there’s never one thing I can single out – so my goal is just to do better. By 2018 I want to be in a better position, and be on my way to making a better life for myself (not that my life is currently terrible – there’s always room for improvement).

A lot of my time has also been taken up with thinking about what my goals for 2017 are, and I figured the best way to think of them are as little milestones I will reach throughout the next 12 months. I’ll be sharing those with you today, and (hopefully) they will happen sometime in the year.

Finish my Level 1 Hairdressing NVQ

Reach 500 blog followers (I’m feeling ambitious)

Save £500 – £750

Read more books regularly (e.g. 1 a month)

Establish a realistic workout routine

The goals I chose were realistic, and definitely within reach if I keep them in mind. My hairdressing qualification is definitely at the top of the list since it’s my career and what I’m most passionate about.

The beginning of 2017 seems to have brought out the pure determination in a lot of people – myself included. Hopefully this year it will last and positive changes can be made.

What are your goals for 2017?


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