Perfume Past & Present

Since the age of 16 I’ve been a dedicated perfume user; there was once a point in my life where I felt quite grown up when I spritzed my neck and wrists every morning – now it’s simply part of my routine. This being said, there are days where I’ll ditch the perfume bottle for a simple body mist simply to save myself a bit of money. This is especially important when all of your favourites can cost upwards of £50 a bottle!

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As I said, my love began back when I was 16. More specifically, on my 16th birthday when I opened up a bottle of Coco Chanel Noir perfume.

This perfume has a scent unlike anything else; though when I asked Blake for his opinion he simply stated it smelled like old ladies (it doesn’t). It’s almost as though it has a deep lavender scent with a hint of something else.

I know that this small 50ml bottle was priced at £80 so I’m not going to be in a huge rush to buy this for myself anytime soon.

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Additionally, it’s the most long lasting perfume I’ve ever used in my life. A few sprays of this on your clothes would last through several washes.

My birthday is in May so by the time Christmas came around I’d used it all up and a new found obsession began. For Christmas that year I asked for Dolce & Gabbana The One.

While the scent was lovely, I found it slightly too sweet for my liking and wasn’t as much of a fan.

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While writing this I’m coming to the realization that I have pretty expensive taste… oops!

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After being a little disappointed with Dolce & Gabbana, I went back to Chanel but opted instead for Coco Chanel rather than Coco Noir.

This is such a classic, timeless fragrance and I definitely wasn’t disappointed, however I did only manage to finish half of the bottle. Why? It may or may not have fallen out of my overnight bag in the middle of Cardiff. Not only is that an example of how badly I pack my luggage but also a demonstration of my blatant clumsiness!

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That brings us to the present day, and I’m currently using Daisy by Marc Jacobs. In terms of aesthetic, I’m definitely not disappointed at all – the bottle alone is a work of art. (You can also see my reflection in the lid – I hate photographing reflective products!!)

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The scent is very fresh [as a daisy] and almost reminds me of clean washing in the Spring, though I can’t say I notice any longevity. Usually throughout the day I’l get an occasional wave of fragrance from the perfume I’m wearing, but I haven’t experienced that with this one which is a little disappointing.

I’m probably going to keep the bottle as decoration once it’s all used up though, it’s just so pretty!

Have you ever tried one of these perfumes? Let me know your opinions on them if you have. Maybe you agree with my points or maybe you absolutely loved a perfume that I didn’t really enjoy. Whatever the case, I love hearing back from all of you.


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