Detox from Home

The rise of social media has seen the birth of wild new diets and ‘nutrition plans’ in addition to the boost in sales of detox products. Popular Instagram accounts are usually the place you’ll find various detox teas and drinks being promoted to thousands of followers around the globe. Let’s be honest, losing weight and getting a flat stomach won’t happen after a few cups of tea.

By definition, detoxing is the process of abstaining from toxic or unhealthy substances for a certain amount of time and it’s suggested that you only participate in an intense detox once a year.

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  • Coffee | This may be the most ironic point in the post, considering my own personal habits and the title of this blog… but hey, I can’t lie. In large quantities, coffee doesn’t have the best effect on our bodies.

Some of the negative effects of prolonged coffee use include nausea, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, anxiety and agitation. Try replacing it with green tea during your detoxing period; after you get past the initial “I may fall asleep on this bus” phase, you may begin to notice the positive changes.

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  • Water | Drinking plenty of water is crucial during a detox, as well as in everyday life. I usually bring an 800ml bottle of water with me into work to ensure I stay hydrated throughout the working day.

Another idea is to infuse your water with fruit such as lemons, limes, and strawberries. Different fruit combinations can have different benefits for your body, as well as tasting good. It’s flavoured water without the added sugar!

  • Cold Showers | The benefits of cold showers have been spoken of for quite some time. Many people believe that while increasing alertness, they also have added benefits for your skin, hair, and aid in reducing stress.

If a cold shower is something you simply couldn’t commit to, I find that showering as normal and finishing off with a 30 second blast of cold water can also do the trick.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

  • Exercise | Any form of exercise can help clear your mind and increase focus as you’re just in the moment. I find yoga is the most helpful for increasing mindfulness, spacial awareness, and a clear mind.

I also find that walking long distances is not only a good way to get in some much needed exercise, but also an excellent method of getting fresh air into your lungs. This is especially important if you live in a city, where car fumes and secondhand smoke makes contact with your lungs on a daily basis.

Are you tired of the way detoxing has been marketed recently via social media? I know that I am, comment below with your opinions!

*I am by no means an nutrition professional, these tips are my own opinions based on scientific research and personal experience*


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