What to do Before & After Hitting Publish

When you’re caught up in the blogging universe, you become blind to all of the effort you’re putting into every single post; from the writing to the photos, to the promotion afterwards. So what exactly should you do before & after hitting publish?

Every blogger will have a different opinion because we’re all so different, so there’s not one set way of doing things. My list might work for you, or you might change a few things. Have fun with it, play around. After all, it’s down to trial and error!


  • Spelling and Grammar | This is a super important one; when you’re reading through a post you can always spot the spelling mistakes. Grammar’s a tricky one too, I usually see an error and my brain automatically corrects it while I read so the sentence flows better while I read. Obviously, if English isn’t your first language, don’t stress too much on this one. Most of us can’t speak a second language fluently so there’s no reason why we should expect you to!
  • Photos | Every post needs a good picture, so make sure you allocate yourself the time within the week to spend time taking good ones. Late morning/early afternoon is the best time for natural light as that’s the brightest points in the day (in Wales anyway). When editing, remember that less is more – you want to enhance, not mask with a dark filter.
  • Tags & Categories | Before you go anywhere near that publish button, make sure your post has all of the relevant tags and is in the according category. For example, hair & makeup posts are categorized under ‘beauty’ and OOTD’s are under ‘fashion’. Including buzzwords in the tags are likely to make your posts more SEO friendly.
  • Proofread | This may seem so basic, but read your work! When you’re typing, you let your mind run wild because you’re full of ideas. The problem is, you may have overloaded on the writing. Always read through a second time to make any final changes.


  • Promote | After you hit publish, your post is only going to reach as far as your blog followers, so promoting via social media is key to getting your content out there for others to see. A large quantity of your readership will come from other bloggers, so make sure they know you’ve posted!
  • Keep Promoting | The mistake a lot of people make (myself included) is forgetting to keep promoting posts over the course of the week. This can obviously depend on your posting schedule as you want to promote the most recent content first. Because I post three times a week, I rarely promote the same post twice. Do what works best for you and your schedule.
  • Cover all Grounds | When you started blogging, you should also have linked up all your socials with the same (or similar) usernames – to keep the branding consistent. Don’t only promote your post on Twitter and stay silent on Instagram. Make sure you get the word out on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat – go hard or go home, right?

If you missed it, I ran another poll on Twitter to see if you wanted Resource posts (just like this one) to continue being published only on Saturdays, or if you wanted them scattered amongst other posts.

The poll came out in a 50/50 result, so I’ve decided to keep them allocated to a Saturday – simply because I don’t have the time in my schedule to take photos and plan a different post in time every week.

What do you consider essential to do before and after publishing a new post? Maybe we have the same things prioritized, or maybe your list is a little different, let me know your opinion in the comment section below!


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