20 Before 20

Has anyone else slowly come to the realisation that we’re already halfway through February? My first thought was “SHIT” because a) I’ve lost all my New Year motivation, and b) have I even done anything since the first ten days of January?

To give myself a bit of a pick-me-up I’ve decided to look back on all of the things I’ve done before turning 20. In fear of being a bit braggy, I’ve included some good and some bad points about the years behind me, so hopefully you might get a good laugh out of it too.

Climbed a volcano | This may seem like a far-fetched lie, BUT I went on a school trip during my GCSE History course to Italy for a week. Straight after our plane landed at the airport, we were taken by bus to Mt. Vesuvius which we were told we were going to climb/hike up. It was as torturous as it sounds, especially after two long bus journeys and a flight, but it’s an experience I doubt I’ll have again anytime soon – if ever. Overall it was a cool experience, but it was so misty on the day that we couldn’t see the view at all.

Saw the Pyramids & Sphinx | Two years ago my family and I spent the week in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. I could easily say this was the best holiday of my life as we learnt so much about the country’s history and culture in addition to making some great new friends. Halfway through the week we took a trip to Cairo and were given a guided tour around the most famous landmarks in the country. It’s absolutely mind-blowing how many facts our tour guide knew off the top of his head while we were walking round all day!



Found my dream job | I started as a trainee hair stylist back in October 2016 and completely fell in love with the industry. I never really knew what to expect as hair salons are notoriously bitchy, however I settled in to my place of work really well and the atmosphere is so different to what I thought it would be. Usually when I throw myself into something I’m passionate about I lose interest after a couple of months, however my love for my work has only grown which is such a positive sign!

Saw Paris | There’s nothing quite like standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, looking down on Paris from 900 feet in the air. I took this trip in my first year of secondary school, which was around the time I was still using my pink LG cookie phone, so I don’t have any pictures from this trip (apart from one horrific selfie on the bus before we left) but it was a great trip – even if 11 year old me didn’t really appreciate it as much as she could have!

Explored the Roman Colosseum and Pompeii | On the same trip to Italy I previously mentioned, we also took a guided tour of the Roman Colosseum and the remains of Pompeii. I’m really not exaggerating when I say that Italy is breathtakingly beautiful and the history surrounding it is so interesting. It’s crazy to see how well such fragile artifacts can be preserved so well for hundreds of thousands of years – and the tragedy of Pompeii really doesn’t sink in until you’re there to see the aftermath in person.

Experienced festival life | Okay so the festival was in my hometown and consisted entirely of tribute bands BUT I still feel like I got the full “festival experience”. I got a little too drunk, had my mum drop off clothes and alcohol on the second day, had my first henna tattoo, had to grit my teeth and use one of the disgusting portaloos on site, spent half the night drinking in a strangers tent, had strangers wander into my own tent, and got soaked through in the pouring rain. From what I understand, this is pretty much considered “the norm” for festival goers, and while it was a lot of fun, I can’t say I’m in a huge rush to do it again anytime soon!



Had my first kiss | I was 15 and it happened in a train station right after the same person had told me they didn’t want a relationship. It was painfully obvious that they just felt sorry for me and I was hardcore into them (even though they lived HOURS away) and it’s just so cringey because they clearly didn’t feel the same.

Sneak out | While I was never sneaking out at 3am to jump into my friends car on a schoolnight, I did sometimes lie about where I was going – which is TOTALLY stupid and dangerous but you don’t give a shit when you’re 16. I once told my parents I’d be staying at my friends house 30 minutes away but actually caught the train up to Manchester and back. To this day, they have absolutely no idea.

Survived breakups | Looking back at past relationships makes me cringe and laugh so hard at myself because I was absolutely convinced I was 100% in love with the wrong people. There was a lot of crying, cringey texts, ice cream, sad songs, and a lot of my mother telling me to stop being so dramatic. Sometimes you just need to look back and realise that the people you invested so much time in weren’t hot shit anyways.

Went to a gig | I’ve been to one gig in my entire life and it was my art teachers band who performed at a pub in North Wales. I was underage, had a curfew of 1am and thought it was the coolest thing I’ve ever done. You think it’s weird bumping into a teacher at the supermarket? Try bumping into them in a pub on a Friday night!

Got caught smoking | It’s happened to so many people I know, and it’s certainly happened to me A LOT. My parents have a strict 0 tolerance policy for smoking which left me grounded for weeks at a time when I was a teenager going through the rebellious faze.

Turned vegan | I’m still not entirely sure what inspired me to turn vegan, but I do know that it lasted all of three days. My meals mainly consisted of various vegetables stuffed with rice and salad – which I know is not what all vegans eat and there are so many options out there now but it just didn’t last. I figured that some things jsut aren’t for me – veganism being one of them.

Got accepted into university | Although I never wound up attending, I successfully applied and was accepted into my first choice university to study Fashion Marketing and Design. I abandoned the idea when I failed my Year 12 exams (oops) and dropped out of school.


Got a drunk tattoo | Now, this isn’t one of those usual drunk tattoo stories you see on Tattoo Fixers. I didn’t wander into some random studio at 3am and get somebody’s name inked on my bum or anything. Instead, I got drunk AT HOME and gave myself what is quite possibly the weirdest looking stick n’ poke tattoo of all time. I did intend to do a cute little Venus symbol on my ankle, but it got a bit wonky as I lost grip on the needle and now it looks like an unfinished stick man. At first I fell in love with it, but as I’ve gotten older and (hopefully) wiser I plan on getting it professionally covered up ASAP.

Broken in | There was an old library back in my hometown that got shut down and my friends and I decided one day that we should explore it. It involved a lot of climbing on roofs and unsuccessful attempts at finding a way in – but finally we found an unlocked window via a flat rooftop round the abck of the building. We didn’t break anything or vandalize, we were just curious about looking around. For weeks afterwards during the Summer we would go and hangout on the flat roof round the back that looked out onto the seafront.


Became a cat mum | I begged and pleaded with my parents for YEARS to let me have a pet cat, but was unsuccessful in my attempts. Last year I moved in with Blake and his parents who already owned two cats, but not too long ago we also adopted a third! All of our cats were rescued and although we now have to lint roll their hair off us before we live the house, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Marnie 2.jpg

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Went camping | Camping really was “the thing” to do for my friends and I during the Summer. We had our tents, and alcohol we’d lifted from our parents cupboards – you know, the essentials. It often ended in tears, 3am trips to the Spar, or blindly stumbling through the woods because we’d lost someone – but it never stopped us from doing it again and again. There was even a time when I forgot my tent poles and had to make it work by tying it to a tree to make it stand up – Bear Grylls eat your heart out!

Hair disasters | I like to think that from the age of 14/15, I’ve constantly had a shitty hair day. Not that great for a wannabe hair stylist, right? I’m not sure what quarter life crisis I was having last September/October but I wound up dying my hair bright green. I’m not exaggerating when I say I looked like an actual highlighter – it was really bad.

Underage drinking | It’s so embarrassing to think that at the age of 16/17 I honestly thought I passed off as a 19/20 year old university student. Luckily for me my hometown has a high student population, so I always found a way to blend in. But a night was never complete without getting thrown out of one club or another.


Nipple piercings | This post has a bit of a running theme so far – my rebellious phase. If I knew it would piss my parents off, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I skipped school one afternoon and got both of my nipples pierced using a fake ID I’d made up on my dad’s computer. The pain of getting it done wasn’t as bad as you’d think, but I took them out after nearly ripping my nipples off on the shower door one day.

So that concludes the list of 20 things I’ve done before 20! It’s weird to think how much I’ve changed for the better over the years, sometimes I feel like nothing’s new at all. Have you ever done any of the things on this list? Let me know you best (and worst) moments of the last 20 years in the comments section below!



11 thoughts on “20 Before 20

    1. Awh thank you! I absolutely loved the landmarks etc but my favourite bit had to be the free time we had to explore Rome by ourselves and discover how different it was from cities back in the UK! I’d definitely recommend making the trip over there it’s stunning x


  1. Ah I’m turning 20 this week myself and was thinking of doing a similar post this week about 20 travel moments and 20 things I have learned – I’ll definitely link your post as you’ve just inspired me to get on with it since I’ve had such a long blogging break!

    Lol who didn’t have an LG Cookie?! It’s so sad thinking about all the lovely places we went to before iPhones and thus not having any pictures to hand </3 you've been to so many amazing places I'm so envious, would love to go to Egypt and Vesuvius (I did Geography GCSE/A Level and we never went anywhere cool!). Also congrats with your career and I hope it's still going well! I hope to be a cat mother soon myself, but think that might have to wait until I'm done with uni. Thanks for sharing with us, was a really nice read (plus a good way to find out more about you ^_^ ) xx



    1. Ah happy birthday for the future! (I’ll probably forget by the time it comes round haha) Thank you so much lovely, that’s very kind of you. I’m glad you’re back into blogging!!
      I know right?! I’ve been on too many trips and am very lacking in photos of a lot of the lovely destinations which sucks


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