Planning a Post


While running a blog seems all fun, games and pretty photos – there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that you don’t often get to see. It’s hard work and at times it can be stressful to the point where you have to question “is it worth it?”.

Planning posts is the worst part, in my opinion. As soon as I have my bullet point list and photos up in front of me I can type up a post in a matter of minutes. It’s getting that bullet point list out of the way that gets me caught up in my own head.Don’t get me wrong I do love the writing, but I also love to hate the writing – which I feel is something all bloggers have in common.

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So what do you need to know about post planning?

Sometimes it just won’t work | Not all of the post ideas you have in your mind are going to pan out exactly how you want them to. Chances are at least 50% will never see the light of day – and that’s absolutely fine. I couldn’t even tell you how many post ideas I’ve had to bin over the past couple of months.

Comparison kills creativity | The worst possible thing you can do while post planning is compare yourself to other bloggers and writers. Quite honestly, your writing isn’t and never will be like theirs because you’re an individual. Your voice is what sets you apart from the rest of the people out there. Embrace it.

Make notes | Write down absolutely every thought that comes into your mind when you’re planning; scribble, doodle, make diagrams. Even if it doesn’t make any sense, get it down on paper! You might find something useful when it comes to writing up.

Be real | Don’t adopt a fake personality to try and capture a false following. If it’s not you it won’t work – and you’ll be creating a lot of unnecessary work for yourself. People can see straight through a fake blogger.

Quality over quantity | So you’ve been a bit of a bad blogger and you just realised that you haven’t written a post that’s supposed to be scheduled for today. What do you do? Panic and put up a half assed post? No. Don’t compromise the quality of your posts just to be able to say you put something out there. I’m totally guilty of this and I always look back on those posts I never really believed in and regret every hitting publish!


Relax | Don’t pressure yourself to write a masterpiece – nobody’s expecting anything from you. A rough draft is just a rough draft – nobody’s going to see the silly notes you make or the more embarrassing ideas you’ve come up with amongst the good ones.

Post titles are HARD | Coming up with the right title for your amazing post can be the worst experience ever. It’s like starting your blog all over again and trying to think of a good name for yourself! Sometimes you just have to say “fuck it” and go with the simplest option – even if it isn’t as catchy.

Plan everything | Honestly don’t fall into the trap of just planning your blog post – plan everything that goes with it; from the tags, the category, the social media post captions. Save yourself the time and the energy and get it done. You can thank yourself for it later.

Know when to walk away | When everything gets too much and you can feel the weight of the task at hand all too much, walk away. It’s okay to put it off for another couple of days while you get your head straight and figure out what direction you’re going in. It’s not a race to the finish line.

You don’t need a planner | You can find guides to help you plan a new post all over the internet for free, so don’t worry about not having the money to invest in a fancy new blog planner just because that’s what you see all over Instagram. Use scrap paper, chewed up pens, the notes in your phone, on the back of your hand – anything that you can write on is the perfect tool!

Don’t give up | If you blog for fame then the likelihood is that you’ll give up blogging within the first few months. At the end of the day it’s hard work, even though it looks like getting sent products all day everyday to try out and review – it’s not. Numbers don’t matter and there’s no point in planning a post with your statistics in mind because chances are you won’t be happy with the results anyway.


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