Kylie Lip Kit Review

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll be well acquainted withe the Kylie Jenner lip kits. Personally, I don’t have the time or the patience to sit in an online queue waiting to buy £30+ worth of lipstick. Fortunately for me, my mother does, as I was given the following lip kits as a Christmas gift from my parents.

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My first impression was that the packaging is absolutely stunning – it’s so simple but so aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Who doesn’t love easily Instagrammable packaging, like really?

There’s also a really cute ‘handwritten’ note from Kylie thanking you for your purchase, which is a really nice touch. I love thank you notes because it makes the purchase feel more personal to you.

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Each kit contains a matte liquid lipstick and a lip liner to match. The shades shown here are Mary Jo K (left) and Posie K (right). I’ll swatch these below to give a better indication of what they look like when they’re on the skin.

The dripping paint is now synonymous with Kylie’s cosmetic brand and sets it apart from other lipsticks that are currently available on the market. These two shades actually remind me of the MUA Luxe liquid lip lacquers that are available in Superdrug for the more affordable price of £3.

As you can see, Mary Jo K is really true to the shade shown on the packaging as a very vibrant classic red. Posie K has more of a pinkish hue to it in my opinion, especially once it’s dried down. This may be due to the way the colour changes on my lips, as the skin is different to that of my arm – either way I’m not about it because I think it’s still a really pretty colour.

So what are they like?

I know that people say this all the time, but I honestly didn’t feel like I was wearing any lip products at all when I applied my first coat of either lip kit. The formula is incredibly lightweight and long wearing – with minimal flaking when you eat or drink. Online I’ve seen pictures of the wands being bad quality, or there not being a large quantity of product in the tube but I didn’t personally encounter any of these issues myself.

The only real bad point I have about these kits are that the lip liners aren’t especially pigmented like I thought they would be. I typically use lip liner as a guide for my lipstick but these are quite faint and don’t glide easily onto the lips – leaving the overall result looking a bit messy, but nothing a q-tip can’t fix.

Just like other liquid mattes, the second coat of this product can be a bit hit and miss. I prefer to take it off completely and re-apply from scratch, but it’s not good for when you’re pressed for time. If I’m in a bit of a rush I can usually get away with touching up the small bits that need it rather than sweeping the product over the whole lip a second time – so not all hope is lost for an all-day lipstick here. You can definitely get this product to see the end of a working day, you just have to know how to work with it.

Overall I’d say the lip kits are definitely worth the money if you’re the kind of person who likes to invest in good products. If you prefer cheaper dupes of more expensive products I’d wholeheartedly recommend the velvet luxe lip lacquers from MUA as they’re really good for the price you pay – though the formula isn’t as great.

Have you tried the Kylie lip kits before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments section below. I’m currently thinking about purchasing the lip glosses to see what they’re like in comparison.


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