The Perfect Mothers Day Treat

Finding the perfect gift to bring a smile to your mum’s face on Mothers Day can be hard to pull off, which means you settle for the usual Sunday lunch and a card – right? Well this year I’ve done all the hard work for you, with a helping hand from the lovely people at Amphora Aromatics Skincare.

You may have seen my previous post featuring this brand titled AA Skincare Sample Reviews, if you haven’t already seen that post then definitely check it out ASAP – their shampoos are great and there’s something for everybody!

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So what is the perfect Mothers Day treat for 2017? The Hydrating & Toning Face Kit from AA Skincare in the scent Frankincense & Rose! This is a look at everything they give you in the face kit which includes; a cleansing face gel, a face toner, and a moisturising face cream.

Also in the package were some leaflets with information all about their different skincare products and what they can do for your individual needs. Personally I think this is a great touch because it helps you figure out what you should buy according to your skin type.

AA Skincare have over 30 years of experience in producing and supplying quality natural skincare products and aromatherapy oils across the UK. Their hard work has been credited greatly as they were awarded both Silver and Gold in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016, in addition to being one of the 2016 Beauty Awards Finalists.

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When I first saw pictures of this gift set, I was really confused about the box because I couldn’t quite figure out the dimensions of it all. That’s why I included these photos for you, just in case you were as confused as I was! Anyway, it has ‘Naturally Gorgeous’ embossed on the front in addition to their logo in the middle.

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As I said before, the kit contains a cleansing face gel, face toner, and moisturising face cream. In my last blog post Bloggers Made Me Buy It, I spoke about how I’ve tried a lot of face toners that never ended up working for me before, so I was skeptical about this one when the package arrived (and was VERY hesitant to give up my Glow Tonic).

“Rose Damascena brings calming and fortifying qualities, combined with soothing Frankincense – highly regarded for its ability to soothe and prevent fine lines, small wrinkles and other signs of aging. Our new Hydrating and Toning Face Kit is perfect for rehydrating skin prior to moisturising in the morning or evening.” – Woody Evans, company director.

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The leaflets they included in the package were great for reading through the exact benefits of using the products in the face kit. The Frankincense & Rose Face Kit is specifically designed for use on dry or damaged skin, in addition to soothing fine lines and slowing the signs of aging in the skin.

The cleansing face gel is one of the most lightweight formulas I’ve ever tried before. One pump of product is easily enough to spread over the whole face and produce a decent lather. I didn’t personally find any irritating after using it and found my face to be smooth and naturally radiant when towel-dried.

I can happily report that I LOVE this face toner! Instructions on the back of the bottle say to spray onto a cotton pad and swipe over the face in an upwards motion. My preferred method is to spritz the toner onto the face and then swipe over with a cotton pad afterwards.

This product leaves your face feeling hydrated and beautifully toned. I absolutely adore the application of spritzing directly onto the skin as I feel like it wastes less product ratehr than directly soaking onto a cotton pad.

The moisturising face cream is the only product in the box to come with its own individual packaging – which I personally think would be a great touch (mainly for continuity reasons) but it’s not a direct factor of the Face Kit’s quality overall.

I will admit that the first time I used this cream my skin was VERY greasy because I used an entire pump of product. Needless to say, this was far too much for one application. With this product a little goes a long way, so you could definitely get away with using a quarter/half a pump of product with every use. After a few minutes the product completely sinks into the skin leaving it feel completely rehydrated and soft.

I love and highly recommend this face kit to anybody, dry/damaged skin or not. The products are of the highest quality for natural skincare and AA Skincare is 100% cruelty free.

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Dare to be different this Mothers Day by giving her one of the best skincare gift sets money can buy. She’ll be left with a natural glow, youthful complexion, and the knowledge that her loved ones deeply care for her skincare needs.

The Hydrating and Toning Face Kit featured in this post retails on the AA Skincare website at £21.50, although the also have a wide variety of skincare and haircare gift sets available (I personally have my heart set on the Detox & Restore face mask collection).

Before you forget, Mothers Day is on the 26th March this year so make sure your order your face kit NOW before it sells out online!

Have you every tried any products from Amphora Aromatics Skincare? let me know your thoughts in the comments below – I love hearing your feedback and always try to get back to you ASAP.


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