10 Thoughts We All Have While Shaving

Shaving can be the most tedious task in any self care routine, no matter how nice the outcome may look or feel. Personally, shaving makes me feel like I’ve got my life together – plus who doesn’t love the feeling of smooth legs on fresh bed sheets?! If shaving isn’t for you, don’t stress. It’s not for everybody and that’s totally okay.

1 | I really can’t be bothered for this shit

2 | Okay I’m doing this, gotta see it through to the end

3 | Fuck these stupid pink razors, is this even doing anything?

4 | I bet Beyonce doesn’t have to do this shit

5 | How am I even supposed to reach that?!

6 | Oh my god why is hair growing there… is that normal?

7 | Okay Google says it’s normal, panic over

8 | Do I really need to shave my thighs? Nobody’s gonna see them anyway

9 | One leg done! Holy shit look at the difference

10 | They’re so nice and smooth – I can’t believe they’re gonna grow out again by tomorrow

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BAM! Smooth legs and clean bed sheets – the best combination ever. I know my legs right now are almost as pale as my sheets, but I’ve lived in leggings and jeans for the past three years (yes, really). I’m hoping I’ll pick up some form of a tan while on my trip to Egypt this April.

Like I said before, shaving isn’t for everybody. I know people who don’t shave for months/weeks, and some people who shave every. single. day. Every week I have at least one self care day where I do all my bodily maintenance like shaving, eyebrow waxing, full skincare routine etc – so I’m a pretty regular groomer.  Just do what works for you and your schedule.

The most important thing to remember? Don’t let people tell you shit about what to do with your own body!


6 thoughts on “10 Thoughts We All Have While Shaving

  1. Haha this post made me giggle! Especially 6 & 7!! Thighs?… hell no. I only shave up to my knee or just above it! The hairs are fairer on my thighs so luckily you can’t see them as bad. I just figure no ones gunna be close enough to see lol! As for me legs though, the hair is so dark and corse it has to be done. I’m definitely a “no hair” person, but yes it is so boring and time consuming!
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

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