24 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Trans Guy

Today’s post is a little different because it was actually done in collaboration with my boyfriend! Blake is in no way shape or form a blogger, but he is a trans guy. I’ve wanted to do a post about him for a little while but wasn’t quite sure how to approach it because there’s so many different angles to take. So here we are.

What should you never ever say to a trans guy?

  1. So what’s your “real” name?
  2. OMG I have a friend just like you!
  3. Are you having THE surgeries?
  4. Yeah I thought you looked feminine
  5. So are you a girl or a boy?
  6. It won’t last long, we all go through a “phase”
  7. What have you got, like, down there?
  8. But you were SUCH a pretty girl!
  9. It must be tough for your partner though, right?
  10. But what if you change your mind?
  11. You’re cute, y’know, for a trans guy.
  12. I don’t have a problem with “that” lifestyle, I just couldn’t be with someone like you
  13. Your new pronouns are too hard to remember, it’s cool if I still call you “she” right?
  14. I’ve never had a trans friend before!
  15. You look JUST like a normal guy
  16. You’re never going to be a “real” man
  17. What if you want kids?
  18. How do you even have sex?
  19. Do you know [insert name here] he’s trans too!
  20. You’d get along great with my friend, she’s gay – it’s the same kinda thing right?
  21. When did you choose to be a boy?
  22. Wouldn’t it be easier to just be a lesbian?
  23. OH, you’re a boy in a girl’s body, I totally get it
  24. OMG I have to tell [insert name here] about this!

Obviously, it’s great to ask questions if you’re genuinely curious about something – but think about it before you ask. Plus the internet exists so y’know, do your research. Back when I got together with Blake, I did intense online research (thank you tumblr) so I knew what to expect, what to ask/what not to ask, and just how to support him in general.

If you have any questions for myself or Blake then please leave them in the comments section below so we can get back to you ASAP!



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