Inspirational Women to Watch : #IWD2017

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is the day to celebrate women both past and present in all that they have done and all that they will achieve in the future. Use this day to lift each other up and encourage each other to strive for success. In celebration of this day, I’ve put together a list of women you should be watching this year – I’ve also including some short descriptions about each lovely lady.

Women to Watch 1

Leomie Anderson | Leomie not only has an amazing modelling career, she also runs the blog Cracked China Cup and started her own fashion brand LAPP. She uses her platform to talk about relevant social issues and to speak out against injustice.

Grace Victory | Outspoken and unapologetic, Grace Victory has taught a generation of women to love themselves unconditionally. She talks openly about body image, mental health, and sex. In the past year she’s started making documentaries with BBC Three (if you haven’t watched them already – DO IT) and her book No Filter is available for pre-order.

Justine Biticon | The first to be eliminated in ANTM Cycle 23, Justine Biticon is a signed model with Ford. She uses her platform to speak out against racial injustice and prejudice within the modeling industry.

Women to Watch 2

Danielle Vanier | Plus size blogger Danielle is an absolute style DREAM. I’m 100% obsessed with the way that she dresses and wish that she could just sort my wardrobe out. Her Instagram stories are hilarious and she recently did a campaign with Nike for their new plus size sportswear range. She promotes body positivity and talks openly about fibromyalgia.

Callie Thorpe | Callie Thorpe is another style icon for plus size women and body positivity headliner. She initially started her blog to track her diet and weight loss during a dark time in her life. Now she uses her platform to discuss fashion, lifestyle and all-round positivity.

Rhianna // Robowecop | Rhianna is a fantastic blogger from Leeds who talks all this beauty and lifestyle – with a little bit of fashion here and there. Her blog, Robowecop is full of amazing life advice & tips – also her Instagram is to DIE for.

Women to Watch 3

Hanna // Little Thoughts | Hannah is a beauty, lifestyle and mental health blogger. She talks openly about the importance of mental health and gives useful advice on dealing with illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Her posts are extremely helpful and promote healthy discussions about mental health as a whole!

Sara // Sarah in Wonderland | Recently featured in a BBC Three short film, Sarah is also a beauty, lifestyle and mental health blogger. She talks openly about her disability and aims to educate others on her journey.

Jemma // Dorkface | Jemma is a UK based lifestyle blogger with a passion for creating. Her artwork is full of colour (as is her blog and social media accounts!) and she also talks openly about mental health as well as running a Youtube channel and doing a podcast with her fiance.

Thank you so much to the 9 amazing women listed above for being so absolutely fantastic in everything that you do. You all inspire me to push myself and aim for success.

Who are the people who inspire you the most? Leave your answers in the comments section below in celebration of International Women’s Day – have a good one!



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