Organisation for Unorganised People

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Good morning lovely people. I did initially intend on calling this post “how to get your shit together” but thought that it sounded a little too aggressive. Should I have gone with my first thought? Let me know, I’m still a little unsure.

I’m by no means an organised person by nature, but I do have the odd few days a week where I stop and think “yes, I’ve got the hang of this”. Those days are usually followed up by me being a little too cocky the next day and waking up ten minutes later than I intended to – leaving me in a rush. However, I’ve thought up a few different ways to sneak some organisation into my unorganised life – and I’m pretty sure some of them could work for you too.

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  • Plan your outfit for the next day and lay it out ready | If I’m not working, it usually takes me around half an hour with several outfit changes until I find something that I actually want to wear. By deciding the night before, I free up time during the day (and stop Blake from complaining about how long I take to get ready each morning).
  • Prepare lunch in advance | This is something that I forget to do ALL the time and end up at work with nothing to eat. Getting food ready the night before and leaving it in the fridge can free up so much time in the morning. Just grab it and go!
  • Set false alarms | Every morning I set my alarm for 6am in the hopes that one day I’ll actually get up without hitting the snooze button. It hasn’t worked so far, but it wakes me up just enough so that I’m more than prepared to drag myself out from under the sheets by 6:30.
  • Write a list | Back in December I bought myself a ‘to do’ list book from Paperchase in the hopes that it would help me make 2017 “my year”. I can’t say that I’ve done a whole lot with it recently, but I do find the checklist section useful. There’s something so satisfying about checking something off a list – even if it is as simple as “eat breakfast”.
  • Practice self care | By taking an hour out of your day to do things for yourself, you limit the amount of time you waste procrastinating. Allocate some time each day to do boring stuff like paint your nails, shave your legs, read a book etc.
  • Set reminders | If I know I need to do something or be somewhere by a certain time, I’ll set myself a reminder on my phone. More often than not, I’ll have my phone with me at some point during the day, so there’s no way I’ll miss the notification from it.
  • Bullet journal | Pictures of these have been floating around the internet for AGES. I first saw them on Tumblr (back when I still used it) and recently gave it a go myself – but didn’t find it worked well for me personally. A lot of people swear by them and say that they completely changed their life with them – but I think it depends on what type of a person you are.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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