Holy Grail Face Mask – Lush Cosmetics

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Lush Cosmetics have grown hugely successful due to their natural ingredients, ethical buying policies and Instagrammable packaging. I try to use as many naturally based skincare products as possible and Lush is my go-to for face masks due to their wide variety of options. Naturally, I love coffee and all coffee based products (hence the blog name) and the Cup o’ Coffee face & body mask from Lush has been a staple in my routine for a long time. There was a brief time where I tried out their BB Seaweed fresh face mask but wasn’t too keen on it in comparison.

I’m very strict with my skincare routine which I follow every day and night (even when drunk if I remember to) and use a face mask 1-2 times a week. After a face mask I feel like my skin is always extra fresh, radiant and smooth – I particularly love the way this mask brightens my complexion!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I’m about halfway through this particular pot which was given to me around Christmas time. Lush Cosmetics products don’t usually have good longevity due to using fresh ingredients – but I find that this mask keeps really well over time. You could say that the scent is a required taste as it strongly smells of coffee (duh) and can be a pain to remove. So many people have been saying that the coffee grains go EVERYWHERE when they take this mask off, but I find that it comes off very easily and mess-free with a sink of warm water and a flannel.

Coffee has amazing benefits for the skin which include reducing redness and under eye circles – two of my main skin concerns. This mask isn’t just for use on the face, it works really well on other areas of the body as well. Another benefit of coffee is that it can reduce cellulite, hence the popularity of coffee body scrubs.

Whenever I get close to finishing off a tub of this mask, I do always get tempted to try out a different one from Lush. No matter what happens, I always go back to Cup o’ Coffee and it’s become one of my few holy grail products.

Let me know what your holy grail product(s) are in the comments below – I love getting new product recommendations, especially if they’re skincare related.


17 thoughts on “Holy Grail Face Mask – Lush Cosmetics

  1. Ok, the name suckered me in and I think I might just have to try this. I love coffee and would happily smell like coffee all day! :p All the benefits you shared sound awesome and I really do love that Lush use natural and fresh ingredients, I just never seem to pop in and make a purchase, but this really does sound wonderful. 🙂 Lucy xx


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