Budget Beauty Buys – MUA Undress Me Highlighters

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently purchased three of the MUA Undress Your Skin shimmer highlighters. Highlighting (or strobing) has become a MASSIVE trend in makeup, with every brand having at least one highlighting product in their makeup range. I’m personally quite partial to a natural shimmer – especially in the warmer months, so I couldn’t resist these gorgeous products!

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The first shade I swatched in store was Iridescent Gold. I initially fell in love with the way that each highlight has been pressed into the pan – the pattern reminds me of silk fabric weaving around itself and adds an elegant touch. Of all the shades, this one seems like it will be the best match for my skin tone due to how pale I am.

At first I thought the colour payoff on this would be really sheer and wasn’t expecting a whole lot from it. Happily, I was surprised to find this is fairly pigmented! It’s a lot more gold than I had imagined but isn’t so pigmented that it would look silly. A little product definitely goes a long way with this.

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With the second shade, Pink Shimmer, the pan colour is quite different to the swatch of the product (I’ll be including swatches at the end) which is strange.  The shade itself looks quite peachy toned in the pan, however the colour payoff is more baby pink toned.

Once again, the pigment on this highlighter is amazing – especially for an affordable drugstore brand like MUA. I can’t see myself wearing this particular shade all too often as I prefer face products with more yellow undertones (like Iridescent Gold) but that’s just my personal preference.

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This final shade, Radiant Cashmere, looks the most beautiful in the pan by far. My only complaint however, is the fact that this shade isn’t as well pressed into the pan. You can see in my photos that the edges are slightly a little more raised around the edge of the highlight. This is obviously something that’s happened in transit either to or from the store so I can’t fault the brand too much on this.

While this is by far my favourite shade of all, I can’t see myself having many opportunities to actually wear it. I don’t think I’d look right with a massive bronze highlight on my cheekbone but maybe that’s just my personal preference! I think this is definitely one for the medium/tan skinned makeup lovers.

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Here are some swatches of all three of the highlighters with Iridescent Gold at the top, Pink Shimmer in the middle, and Radiant Cashmere at the bottom. All three contain small amounts of iridescent glitter that provides a natural shimmer to the skin.

The reason I’ve included these in my Budget Beauty Buys is because these highlighters retail for an amazing £3 each! This is an absolute bargain for such good quality products. I was nervous about trying them because MUA products can be a bit hit and miss – as all affordable brands can be, but I’m really pleased because they’ve turned out to be amazing.

Have you ever tried any highlighting products from MUA? Let me know how you get your glow on!


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