Will I Buy Full Size? – Clarins Hydra Essentiel Sample Review

Clarins Sample Title Image

I love reading magazines, though I’m not too great at buying them on a regular basis. Mostly I’m partial to a copy of Vogue – the endless pages of advertising can be annoying but a small part of me does love the glossy pages of models showing off expensive bags and lipsticks. Another perk of buying magazines is the free samples they tuck between their pages.

Recently, I received a small sachet of Clarins Hydra Essentiel cream. Having never tried any Clarins skincare products before, I was curious to give this a try!

Hydra Essential CreamClarins Sample Back

The sample size contained 2ml of cream product – although this was more than enough for one application. I chose to spread this down my neck and chest, areas where my skin does sometimes tend to be more dry. This is definitely something that could be kept for two uses. My initial thoughts were that it was quite a thick cream, which is something I really like in a moisturising face cream. Anything with a thinner consistency can almost feel like it isn’t really working properly for me, and I find the effects don’t last as long.

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This shows roughly three quarters of the entire sachet, with the remaining quarter of the product still in the sachet. I couldn’t quite figure out the recommended directions for this product as there weren’t any on the back of the sachet. However, a quick Google search found that it’s a day cream for normal to dry skin types.

I don’t persoanlly agree with it’s claims of providing a youthful appearance to the skin as I find it to be a very moisturising face cream – nothing more and nothing less. Maybe the youth enhancing properties come with regular use?

Clarins Essential Cream

Online it states that it will “help to shield skin from dehydrating effects of sudden temperature changes and environmental aggressors, helping skin to remain perfectly hydrated day-after-day”. I can see why this is true as it provides a protective layer over the skin that doesn’t feel like it’s clogging your pores too much.

It’s not a heavy cream that sits on the face, it sinks in fairly quick and gives the skin a really nice finish. This was surprising to me as the product itself is quite thick – though it doesn’t just sit on top of the face.

So the real question is; will I be buying the full size product? Knowing that Clarins is a little more on the pricey side, I can’t really say that I will be buying. If I had the extra money to spend then sure I’d be buying this all the time – I’m pretty impressed with how the sample performed on my skin (especially since a cold has left the skin on my nose feeling a little worse for wear).

Have you ever tried anything from the Clarins skincare range? Let me know in the comments section below!


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